Things to do in Pacific Beach


There are several beaches within walking or driving distance of the condo. These include the main beach are of Pacific Beach and Mission Beach. There’s also beaches along the Mission Bay Park a short bike ride away. If you drive, there are many more beaches within reach including Windnsea, La Jolla Shores, and Black’s Beach to the north. And Ocean Beach, Sunset Cliffs, and Coronado Island to the south. Between the beaches in many areas are cliffs and areas of tidepools where you can find starfish, giant sea slugs, sea urchins, and occasionally octopus and spiny lobster.

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A popular activity in PB is cruising the boardwalk. Depending on your preference, biking, skating, or just walking will take you on your couple mile trek from the pier in Pacific Beach to Belmont Park (the roller coaster in Mission Beach). The entire span of the boardwalk is well over 3 miles from North PB to South Mission Beach. Be sure to watch for ‘slo-mo’, the famous slow motion roller blader seen in many PB photos. There are restaurants and bars sparsely scattered on the journey.


Dining in PB offers a variety of options. There’s an abundance of Mexican food, sushi, Pizza, Burgers, and seafood in PB and plenty of fine dining in nearby La Jolla.

Some popular local favorites are Taco Surf for Mexican food, Rocky’s Crown Pub for burgers, World Famous for seafood, and Kono’s for breakfast. If you’re looking for 5-star dining, La Jolla is the closest place… a 15 minute drive north on Mission Blvd (turns into La Jolla Blvd). There are also a number of food festivals between Spring and Fall.


There are probably more bars per square mile in PB than anywhere in San Diego. So many that they’ve stopped issuing liquor licenses. There are way too many to list, but the gallery contains some of the local favorites. There’s also a plethora of nightlife attractions in Downtown San Diego… a short Uber away.

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Parks & More

There are numerous other attractions in and near PB including parks, golf courses, and the list goes on…

Some of the more popular parks include Kate Sessions Park with a view from PB to downtown. Mount Soledad Memorial has even more spectacular views from La Jolla to PB to downtown and even Mexico on a clear day. Mission Bay Park is one of the largest man-made aquatic parks in the country and a short walk or bike ride from the condo. Mission Bay offers activities such as water skiing, paddle boarding, fishing, or bonfires at night. Mission Beach offers Belmont Park, a small theme park with a roller coaster, kiddie rides, and 2 wave pools.

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